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Work for Ukrainian Army

Join the campaign and organize Day4Defenders in your company! On October 2nd, Monday, encourage your employees to work (part-time or full-time) and donate their earnings to support the military. Choose a fund to direct the funds to or participate in purchasing vehicles and drones through Support Ukrainian Army. Day4Defenders - an opportunity to stand by our soldiers by donating 1 day of profits.

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The funds were used to purchase generators, chainsaws, winter tents, diesel heaters, medical stretchers, cots, flares, hats, and much more. Our assistance reached units such as 68th OEB, 125th TRO, part of A3137, part of A0216 Marine Corps, 35th Mechanized Brigade, 110th Territorial Defense Brigade, 80th Air Assault Brigade, 24th Mechanized Brigade, part of A-2167, "Azov" (3rd Assault Brigade), as well as to communication personnel and rescuers from units who requested not to be named.

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Fill out the registration form and become a part of the 'Day4Defenders' community to join in fundraising and collaborative media initiatives. Let's unite our efforts and support our Army together.

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Share the initiative with your colleagues and friends. This day is much more than just a workday. #Day4Defenders is the moment when we, Ukrainian companies, come together to be a strong support for our soldiers.