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Report April 12

So, this is our first report as an S.U.A. team, and let's be honest, we are proud of them.

Let's start with some results, and then move to boring accounting.

Some of the first aid kits, sleeping bags, chest rigs, and energy bars were already sent to our guys:

Of course, everyone is pleased when their work is noticed. There is special thanks from "Azov" to one of our manufacturers:

List of units to which assistance was provided:

- Medical Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

- 80 AAB

- 72 MB

- 63 MB

- 130 Batallion of Territory Defence, Kyiv

- 184th training center

- other divisions on individual inquiries.

Well, now the financial results

We started fundraising on our platform on April 2. And during this time we collected UAH 342,599.00

and here is what you donated to our defenders:

At the moment, we have transferred UAH 237,915 to our manufacturers for the production of the following stuff:

  • Sleeping Bag 116 pc;

  • Chest Rig 50 pc;

  • Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) Pouch 100 pc;

  • Energy bars of dried fruit 900 pc;

  • Sleeping Mat 200 pc;

  • AK Double Magazine Pouch 20 pc;

  • Tactical Stretchers 34 pc;

  • Multiple Grenades Pouch 20 pc;

  • Magazines Dump Pouch 20 pc.

Here are some of the bills:

We truly thank everyone who joined.

Follow our activities on Facebook.

Your S.U.A.

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