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Report April 21

Hello fellows

It's our second report. Unfortunately, this week wasn't as successful as the previous one, but we keep doing our best and really appreciate every donation.

Let's, as usual, start with the most important thing. There is some already produced stuff for our warriors:

And again, some special thanks from our armed force. It is addressed to us but should be addressed to each of our donators:

List of units to which assistance was provided:

  • 80 AAB

  • 125 Batallion of Territory Defence

  • 103 Batallion of Territory Defence

  • 229 Batallion of Territory Defence

  • International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine

  • other divisions on individual inquiries.

Well, now the financial results

At this moment you donated UAH 487,000. It means that this week has brought us UAH 144,401

and here is what you donated to our defenders this week:

This week, we have transferred UAH 173,731.5 to our manufacturers for the production of the following stuff:

  • Sleeping Bag 42 pc;

  • Chest Rig 19 pc;

  • Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) Pouch 50 pc;

  • Energy bars of dried fruit 410 pc;

  • Field stove 54 pc;

  • Tactical vest with belt and MOLLE on back 23 pc;

  • Tactical Stretchers 22 pc;

  • Magazines Dump Pouch 26 pc;

  • AK Single Magazine Pouch 33 pc;

  • Balaclava 71 pc.

Here are some of the bills: