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Report July 08

Hello fellows

S.U.A. team continues to report about our work.

As usual, let's start with some stuff that has already been delivered to our warriors:

List of units to which assistance was provided:

  • Military Unit 3537

  • 54 brigade, Military Unit А0693

  • OUN territorial defense unit N25 (Kyiv)

  • 93 brigade

  • 123 brigade

  • Kraken

  • 67 brigade

  • Military Unit 4438

  • 112 territorial defense brigade

  • 57 brigade

  • 128 brigade

  • Military Unit 3082

  • Military Unit А7147

Gratitudes from our units:

Well, now the financial results:

During the lifetime of our project, you donated UAH 1 169 420.50. And UAH 279 892.50 since the last report.

and here is what you donated to our defenders since the last report:

Also, we have transferred UAH 251 324 to our manufacturers for the production of the following stuff:

  • Open-top mag pouch 1pc.

  • Double Grenades Pouch 1pc.

  • Fleece sweater 1pc.

  • AK Double Magazine Pouch 2pc.

  • Passive earplugs DP-25dB 2pc.

  • Active earplugs Hunter Sound U 3pc.

  • Armour plates of the 5th class of protection (2 pieces) 3pc.

  • Body armor with plates "ATV-PLASTOON" 4pc.

  • Dark Sleeping Mat 11pc.

  • Tactical vest with belt and MOLLE on back 14pc.

  • Pouch for CAT Tourniquet 17pc.

  • AK Triple Magazine Pouch 30pc.

  • Magazines Dump Pouch 31pc.

  • Raincoat poncho 35pc.

  • Stewed chicken/pork UA DSTU 50pc.

  • Boxers 53pc.Sleeping Bag 55pc.

  • T-shirt 59pc.Energy bars of dried fruit 100pc.

Here are some of the bills:

We truly thank everyone who joined.

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Your S.U.A.

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