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Report September 30

Hello fellows

Team S.U.A. continues to report about our work. The amount of donations has decreased, but we continue to do our important work.

As usual, let's start with some stuff that has already been delivered to UA warriors:

List of units to which assistance was provided:

  • 63 brigade

  • 125 territorial defense brigade

Well, now the financial results:

During the lifetime of our project, you donated UAH 1 236 978.00. And since the last report, you have donated UAH 67 557.50

and here is what you donated to UA defenders since the last report:

Also, we have transferred UAH 71 949 to UA manufacturers for the production of the following equipment:

  • Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) Pouch 22 pc.

  • Balaclava 5 pc.

  • Energy bars of dried fruit 118 pc.

  • Woman lingerie 1 pc.

  • Body armor with plates and AK magazine pouches 1 pc.

  • Body armor with plates "ATV-PLASTOON" 1 pc.

  • Raincoat poncho 2 pc.

  • Tactical vest with belt and MOLLE on back 1 pc.

  • Low profile plate carrier 1 pc.

  • Sleeping Mat 8 pc.

  • Stewed chicken/pork UA DSTU 11 pc.

  • Chest Rig 14 pc.

  • Open-top mag pouch 4 pc.

  • Tactical knee pads 9 pc.

  • Tactical elbow pads 5 pc.

  • Tactical Stretchers 6 pc.

  • AK Triple Magazine Pouch 2 pc.

  • Sleeping Bag 4 pc.

  • T-shirt 10 pc.

Here are some of the bills:

We truly thank everyone who joined.

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Your S.U.A.

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